Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sex and the City: The Movie (The Wedding Collection Ultimate Collector's Edition) (US)

Release country & date: United States, 2008
Region: R1
Studio: New Line Home Video
Num. of discs: 3 DVD + 1 CD
Packaging notes: album-like hardcover digibook
Numbered: no
Additional notes: includes a hardcover book, OST, digital copy; OOP


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  2. Thank you so very much :) Couldn't be happier to read such a nice comment, much appreciated.

  3. Did all the discs work okay? I just ordered mine and want to make sure! Are they hard to get out of the packaging?

  4. Hi! Yes, they all worked fine for me. And yes, they are a bit tricky to pull out. 'Handle with care', and it should be fine. Good luck with your purchase, hope all turns out great for you :)