Wednesday, 13 May 2009

You Rang M'Lord? (Complete Series, R2 SI)

Country & release date: Slovenia, 2008/2009
Region: R2
Nm. of discs: 12 DVD
Packaging: keepcase
Numbered: no
Additional notes: N/A

Ok, so this has abs nothing to do with the movies, but these are genuinely old and they just look good, so... Bare with me. :)



  1. kul slikce. Pozdrav s Poljske.

  2. Ooo... Hello Stranger!! Kaj je 'dej, pužigafc? :) Ravnokar sem prišla domov s premiere Angels & Demons.

    Verdict, vprašaš? Razen tega, da je res vsak Langdonov enciklopedičen stavek (op.p. po vsebini in dolžini) v kvazi naravnem dialogu ''očigledno'' namenjen kompletnim moronom in da je vseskupni plot in razplot tako žalostno predvidljiv, ... je bil pa film (po enem Heinekenu) za ameriške standarde kar v redu. :) Howardski, kaj češ ;)

  3. Don't recall the bbc series because i think they never aired on portuguese television but i loved the idea of the old glasses. You know, i see a lot of these from time to time 'cause is my work. Never tired though :)

  4. :) I'll youtube it for you so you can see at least what it's all about.

    Those glasses used to be worn by my great-grandfather :) Postcards are also genuine. I'm a sucker for old vintage stuff, can't help it.

    It's your work...? :) Don't tell me you're an antique dealer?! :)