Sunday, 22 February 2009

Shameless (Season 1 & 2, incl. Xmas Special)

* * * * *
[Steve tries to kiss Fiona]

Fiona Gallagher: [shies away] I can't...
[points to window]

Steve: [sighs and spins her away from the window] About 90 percent of this world's problems are caused by little words that come in pairs. We're healthy and we're happy. ... Yet when anybody asks us, we say "not bad."

Steve: [pauses and takes in shaky breath] You know when I saw you the first time dancing -- this is about a month ago, by the way, in the process -- I was desperate to buy you a drink. But you know what I said to myself? "I can't." "She won't." "We wouldn't."

Steve: [pauses again and unbuckles belt] And then you're there again tonight and all indications being that I'm getting a second chance to make a good impression. So you say "stop," and I'll stop.

* * * * *
Približno 7-minutni izsek iz prvega dela prve sezone (od koder izhaja tudi zgornji citat) je YouTube v duhu cenzure umaknil s spleta, še vedno pa je na voljo nekaj ostalih cukrov tukajle. Enjoy :)

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