Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Das Parfum - Die Geschichte eines Mörders (Duft Edition, 2 DVDs, exklusiv bei Müller)

Release country & date: Germany/Austria, 2007
Region: R2
Studio: Warner Home Video
Num. of discs: 2 DVD
Packaging notes: wooden box / Holzbox
Numbered: yes / 7777 (only Müller exclusive, others no)
Additional notes: includes 5 perfume sample glass vials, movie info leaflet; OOP

The pocket paperback edition does not come included in the set.

 Fragrances not included in this set:

  • Paris 1738 - the unpleasant scent of the streets of Paris.
  • Atelier Grimal - The scent of tanned animal skins.
  • Boutique Baldini - The smell of the inside of Baldini's shop.
  • Nuit Napolitaine - The scent that Grenouille creates when making Amor & Psyche better.
  • Salon Rouge - In his dreams, where Grenouille gets drunk on scents whose formulas he alone knows.
  • Human Existence - The human-being odor that Grenouille needed as he himself had no smell.
  • Sea - A marine scent (the marine breeze was mentioned in the book just before Grenouille commits his last murder).
  • Noblesse - As proven in this creation, people aren't only judged by their appearance, but also by their scent. Human Existence is elevated to sophistication.
  • Orgie - The scent of pure sensuality and voluptuousness.
  • Aura - Grenouille's own and chimerical fragrance is truly supernational. Its composition and effects on all human beings shall remain in an imaginary world. This scent captures that very special je-ne-sais-quoi, that indescribable charisma which every women (and man) wants to radiate. This fragrance was created to not only wear along but to be worn in combination with one's favorite fragrance to intensify some of the fragrance facets and provide extra shine. To ensure that the elixir harmonizes with all 12 of the current main fragrance families, Aura contains one or several ingredients from each respective group. This makes the formula unbelieavably complex - it comprises 84 ingredients.

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