Monday, 8 November 2010

Dirty Dancing - Keepsake Edition UK

Release country & date: The UK, 2010
Region: R2
Studio: Lions gate Home Ent. UK Ltd
Num. of discs: 2 BD
Packaging notes: digipack + slipcase (sturdy)
Numbered: no
Additional notes: includes a booklet


  1. I'm going to get this one too ;)

  2. Hehe, go for it! :) It's really nice. I have the US Keepsake edition as well, but it's a big no-no compared to this one :)

  3. I only have the portuguese SE, in a keepcase...

  4. What a lovely edition! I'll grab one for my self.
    And what a lovely collection...
    I add your blog to mine. Feel free to add mine blog too.

  5. Lady C, it's a must :) BD, R2, great design - what more could one ask for?! :)

    Artur, that's sooo great to hear! Glad you like the collection. Thanks for dropping by :) Your blog's been added, too - cheers!

    James, yep, I did indeed!! :) Haha, minty as a polo! True! :))