Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Back to the Future Trilogy

Release country & date: Japan
Studio: Universal Studios
Num. of discs: 3 DVD
Packaging notes: glossy digipack + glossy slipcase
Numbered: no
Additional notes: OOP


  1. The interior of that Digipack is fantastic!!!

    Too bad i had the Canadian edition :(

    Got the 4 disc UK UE which will do until the BD comes out

  2. Thank you, Robbie :) It just couldn't be better. Colours are really good, very vivid, the digi is glossy, firm and the print on discs is fantastic as well, totally clear - it might not show on the pics up there, but it's really very... Japanese :) Stylish and of high quality, as usually with JP digis :)

    What's wrong with the Canadian edition? I love that one too!

    And oh yeah - just wait 'till some really awesome BD Trilogy comes out... yummy!! :)