Friday, 12 February 2010

Pan's Labyrinth (R2 DE Limited)

Poreklo in leto izida: Nemčija, 2007
Izid filma: 2006
Regija: R2
Studio: Ufa/DVD
Število diskov: 3 DVDs
Pakiranje: slipcase, digipack
Trajanje: 115 min
Oštevilčeno: ne
Izdaja vsebuje: -
Razpoložljivost: v prosti prodaji (10€)


  1. I really need to add this movie to my collection soon. Such a nice edition.

  2. I made a huge mistake getting the YesAsia's BD for it - thought it'll be a digi, but it's just a slipcase with the regular plastic blu case :(

    The Korean and the Japanese one are still The ones to get :) I've been after the JP one for ages, literally :)