Sunday, 24 January 2010

Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (DE BD)

Poreklo in leto izida: Nemčija, 2009
Izid filma: 1991
Regija: R2
Studio: Warner Home Video
Število diskov: 1 BD
Pakiranje: standard keepcase
Trajanje: 155 min
Oštevilčeno: ne
Izdaja vsebuje: podaljšana različica
Razpoložljivost: v prosti prodaji (14 €)


  1. I got the dvd of this (digipak version) a loooooong time ago and watched half of it then never watched this rest :/ It's not a bad movie, but it's one of those movies I really have to be in the mood for. I'm looking forward to see what Ridly Scott can do in his version out this year :D My fave Robin Hood movie is Robin and Marian (1976) :D (have it on DVD)

    Blu Rays I've had the past few weeks are, Watchmen DC that you know about, also got LA Confidential, LIFE and Planet Earth double pack BD (amazing!!!) Kingdom of Heaven DC (amazing!!) LEON DC (with theatrical version) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and today I got Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

  2. I actually love this movie to bits :) Scott's Hood might be good with Crowe and Blanchett on board, but so far Flynn's and Costner's were my fave - though I must admit I don't recall Robin and Marian very well, it is ages ago since I've last seen it.

    You've caught quite a mighty blu flu, I gather, lol... I got Planet Earth on BD as well, still have to check it out. Hehe, yes, I can only imagine how amaaaazing those updates are :) ah, Underworld, be still my heart! And Leon, our favourite hitman :)

  3. A blu flu, hehe I like that:D

    I double dipped on Planet Earth simply because it was in the pack with LIFE (that I got cheap at £40 here) that I had yet to see. I have the Planet Earth digi DVD and will keep it as it as all the extras the BD does not have. It's just stunning though and a big upgrade next to the DVD and that was brill as well.

    One of my fave dvds so now one of my fave blu's.

    Oh, my copy of LOST: Season 5 just turned up from amazon, pic on twitpic

  4. Yes, I heard the about the DVD extras and the lack of BD ones. Hm... the UK set is not that expensive at Amazon.

    Loool, I just got my copy of Lost5 as well! Yesterday! And I see you also got My blue heaven - man, I haven't seen that one in ages, it's fantastic!!! I have no idea why, but it has just reminded me to get Her Alibi with subs :) Cheers, Mr J!

  5. My Blue Heaven is such a great movie, one of my fave Steve Martin films :D

    Oh you're still after Her Alibi? Another superb movie! You have such great taste in movies and tv shows :D

    I've not started watching my season 5 of LOST yet, but will do very soon. I wanted to watch season 7 of 24 first and both shows are very addictive so I need a fair bit of spare time before I start 1 of them.

  6. I only have R1 snapper case. Of course it's superb, lol, it's Mr Tom Selleck!! And the script is just awesome!

    Ah, thank you... but it's not my taste that's great, it's ours, lol! :)

    I stopped watching Lost a while ago, so now I am waiting for season 6 to end and then I'll just watch everything again from the beginning. Too much time's gone by to remember all the hatches, lol! And Sawyer's probably shaven once or twice since I've last seen him, heheh.

  7. It's only the snapper one I have as well. I did not know there was a widescreen version out in Germany I think it was. I got the movie Mr Baseball in dec and you would know this if I could be bothered updating what dvds I've been buying:P. I'm still after the movies Runaway and High Road to China that I can't get in the UK so i'll have to import those as well. I wonder why Tom Selleck movies are so hard to get in the UK? Mmmm

    When I got a new season of LOST I always watched the last season before starting the new one. There's just so much to take in and remember, so I know exactly where you coming from lol.