Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Leon (FR BD slim digi)


  1. This looks much better than the ribbish blu case I have, I must admit I like the UK artowrk but i HATE, make that HATE those blu cases with a passion. I also hated the red HD-DVD cases as well:P

    Such a great movie, I had never seen the DC of the movie before, so it was the reason I got the blu. Since the BD had the theatrical version as well, well that sold it to me over the dvd.

    I watched the DC the other day, and apart from one bit, I really never noticed what bits were new as it was that long since I had seen it.

  2. Hehehe, well, I must say I incredibly agree with you - I HATE HATE those blu cases just as much. Absolutely no creativity in those :) Plus it's plastic...

    I've never seen the DC version either and just like it was with you I too haven't seen the movie in a looo-hooong time, so I quite frankly wouldn't even notice the ''new'' bits.

    Haven't popped this one in yet, so I don't know what it's like quality-wise. It is however one of those Luc Besson's BD slim digis Amazon.fr offers for under 20€. Still a lot, but cheaper than here :)

    Did you notice, the lower right corner is damaged and the tray is broken? :( darn...

  3. The quality of the Leon BD was very good, more than happy with it. Yea I saw the damage to you boxset but did not want to shout it out. I hate when you get a digi or boxset like that as your heart sinks a bit when you open the package and notice it :(

    Oh well it still looks good and having the damage make's it more unique :D (it's what I tell myself anyway haha)

  4. It's horrifying, really... Got another one with a squashed spine today, German Pan's Labyrinth digi - but digis are so delicate. They need to be really well made, out of quality materials not to get damaged during shipping.

    Lol, yes, keep on comforting me, you're not being terribly persuasive, you know, hehe.

  5. I really try to get a digi from a local shop/store, even if it sometimes means it costs a little bit more. I hate when they use a jiffy bag for them when ordering online:( Same with boxsets. It's why I use amazon most of the time because of the boxes. But even they sometimes use a jiffy bag for some reason (and in the UK Amazon use Indigo Starfish now and again and they always use a jiffy:( )