Friday, 10 July 2009

International Movie Date :)

So, my wonderful friend James (with a stunning genuine Scottish accent) and lil' ol' me just made a deal today to have a ''Wanted'' movie date tonight at 8pm sharp...

Wesley: Are we gonna "bond," now?
Fox: Would you like to?

James hasn't seen it yet, so I'll offer some active moral support from across the mainland by watching the movie together with him.

Hon', you ready then...? Just a few more minutes left to press play, lol.

Barry: Boom goes the dynamite. ...

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  1. I have myself a big glass of Pepsi Max and a packet of sliced chicken meat for nibbles.

    I hope that date was for 8pm UK time, If not I'm so late haha.

  2. This movie is crazy (in a good way)

    Those poor wee flies though lol.

    I don't know why I took so long to get around to watching this. It's really good so far :D

  3. Finished here... :)

    Freakish loved it - again!!!!! :)

    You? :) Don't tell me you expected that kind of ending?

  4. I'm only 44 mins in. I thought it was 8pm UK time... Haha. Oops.

    Daft time zones, who invented time zones anyway lol.

    Still I'm really enjoying it. Good choice. Next time we do this (it's a cool idea) I'll get the time correct I promise lol.

  5. Nah, it was my fault... I usually check the time, lol.

    I'm not gonna give away the ending, of course... just enjoy it!!! :)

  6. Just so you know, like I said, I posted on my twitter page

    Did you get a wee comic with your dvd?

  7. Ha, saw it already! :) Thanks!

    Yup, I did :) I took some pics of my HMV exclusive (comic + bullet).

  8. This is my last post for the night. I promised my dad the net connection so he can have Xbox Live at 9pm and it's quarter past now.

    I'll post my thoughts on the movie later on or tomorrow.

    We really should do this again soon though. It's such a great idea! I hardly ever watch a movie with anybody so this is the next best thing for me lol.

    Have a great night Babs and I'll post again here soon.

  9. Well I really enjoyed the movie a lot, very cool and action packed. James McAvoy was ace in it and really carried the movie. Angelina Jolie was her usual hot self most of the time, but I felt she was a bit thin looking and some scenes she looked ill. I just kept thinking everytime she came into the movie either 'hot' or 'eat something woman'

    Loved all the twists and turns in it and it had a great soundtrack. 4/5 from me and a movie I could watch again no problem.

    Thing I did not like about it. I did not like the train bit, way too many innocent people getting killed for no reason at all takes away from your overall feeling about the good guy and the movie. In fact, I'm going to mark it down for that the more i think about it. 3.5/5 for collateral damage lol.

  10. Apart from my obvious infatuation with Mr.JM and the movie in general, I'd say these were my pros and cons...

    In favour of the movie, yes, it's action packed (like Shoot 'Em Up), a wild thrill-ride with juicy dialogues and more than solid acting to say the least.

    I very much enjoy ''accent-shifting'' observed in most McAvoy appearances and this time it was no different. First ever American one, if I recall correctly, and job done splendidly. The man's really got a good ear and an amazing ability to adopt to any kind of speech. He once commented on that one, actually, saying being Scottish with a strong local accent wouldn't get him far without his ability to shift his speech like that. I don't really agree with that as I'm terribly fond of Scottish accent and the guy's high talents would shine through even if he was deprived of speech. I'm thinking facial expressions - he aces it every time :) Sooo believable, so genuine in every part you place him. Top notch!

    Angie... Stunning, always stunning, but the same in every action flick she makes. If I hadn't seen her other movies, Fox would be one of my fave action heroines. But this way she's wearing exactly the same expression as was observed in Laura Croft or Mrs. Smith, heck, even the same one as in Bonnie Castle, Sarah Jordan, Christine Collins and Grendel's Mum... Gia is a diff. matter :) She was still fresh back then.

    Morgan Freeman... ah, the voice of god :) Not one of his best performances (the movie didn't actually require one anyway), but a true balm for my ears. Love hearing him speak.

    Marc Warren - yey!!! Gotta love this guy! He was so funny in State of Play, where the relationship with him and McAvoy was actually turned upside down if you consider that Repairman/Wesley thing. Darn, that last bit must have hurt in Wanted... :)

    Terence Stamp - Mr. John Tunstall in my book for the rest of my days. Saw him first in Young Guns and that's where he's staying. Wonderful actor!

    Thomas Kretschmann - do all Dads come like that nowadays?? *hot* :)

    Music score... aaaawesooome!!!! Especially The Little Things :)

    Cons... OK, I agree about the train scene. Unnecessary, but it's Bekmambetov, so I didn't mind the ''collateral damage''. What I really didn't like was the deleting of my fave scene - the one where Wesley tries to make a shot and the bullet falls out of the gun. But you can get that scene among other extras on the BD (collector's) version. Other than that, I loved everything about the movie. Yep, a totally happy camper here :)

    So... what's our next one? Your turn :)

  11. BTW - my ''fave'' scene... it's not the deleted one, it's the extended one... and he doesn't drop a bullet, he drops a charger... so much for my fave scene, obviously I have impeccable memory.

    To see the clip go here:

    ... or just take a look under my DVD collection - ''Wanted (HMV)'', 6th clip.

  12. Terence Stamp for me will always be General Zod from Superman 2 :-D

  13. OK, that's fair :) The Dad :)