Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Hitchcock Collection (Vol.1)

Poreklo in leto izida: Nizozemska, 2001
Izid filma:
- Saboteur (1942)
- Shadow of a Doubt (1942)
- Rope (1948)
- Rear Window (1954)
- The Trouble With Harry (1955)
- The Man Who Knew Too Much (1955)
- Psycho (1960)
Regija: R2
Studio: Universal Studios
Število diskov: 7
Pakiranje: box set, digipack
Trajanje: 703 min
Oštevilčeno: ne
Razpoložljivost: v prosti prodaji 


  1. Great set! :)

    Sold mine (and the white one) whan i bought the velvet R1 set!

  2. The Dutch have the third set as well :)

    The R1 you mean the Masterpiece collection, right? That set is absolutely gorgeous! Seen your pics ;)

  3. Yes, the masterpiece veeeelvet :D

  4. Hello Babs, thanks for share your wonderful blog. Say, does this edition have portuguese subs?

  5. :) No no no... thank YOU for visiting :)

    I just checked - sorry, it only has English and Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Norsk). Go with the Masterpiece collection, it's far better. Claudia said it even has better PQ!

  6. Very nice!

    I don't think I have seen the pics of the set Cláudia has? I'll need to go and have a quick look-see.

  7. Haha, you should, but a friendly warning - that set is a ruthless heartbreaker :) Run baby run!

  8. Yea it's a superb set, puts my set to shame, Oh well...

  9. Not at all, James - in the end it's the content that counts, right? Not the looks... *smile*

  10. Yea you're right, it's all about the content, it's not about the packaging... (I'm saying this while clicking my ruby slippers together)