Sunday, 22 February 2009

Van Helsing (Ultimate Collector's Edition) w/Van Helsing/Dracula/Frankenstein/The Wolf Man

  • Poreklo in leto izida: ZDA, 2004
  • Izid filma: 2004
  • Regija: R2
  • Studio: Universal Studios
  • Število diskov: 2
  • Pakiranje: digipack
  • Trajanje: 132 min
  • Oštevilčeno: ne
  • Izdaja vsebuje: dodatni plošček s klasikami: Van Helsing/Dracula/Frankenstein/The Wolf Man
  • Razpoložljivost: razprodan

Frankenstein's Monster: Let me go! 
Carl: Where are you going to go? I don't know if you've looked in the mirror lately, but you kind of stick out in a crowd.

Carl: [after saving the woman from the vampire children] They've all died. 
Barmaid: Oh, thank you! You saved me. 
[kisses him on the cheek] 
Barmaid: How can I repay you? 
[Carl leans in and whispers something in her ear] 
Barmaid: But you can't do that! You are a monk! 
Carl: Actually, I'm a just a friar...

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