Friday, 15 May 2009

Reservoir Dogs (15th Anniversary Tin) R1 US

Poreklo in leto izida: ZDA, 2006
Izid filma: 1992
Regija: R2
Studio: Lions Gate
Število diskov: 2
Pakiranje: tin + digipack
Trajanje: 99 min
Oštevilčeno: ne
Razpoložljivost: OOP


  1. I want this, but it goes against my 'no double dip' rule.

    I could get it on Blu-Ray but I don't want that at the moment either as I'm more than happy with DVD (I did go HD-DVD though...)

    If I see this super cheap in a store though, I'll probably break my rule because I really do like this.

  2. Creative-wise it's a really fine design - shame they're doing them now for practically everything, no matter what movie type... It's not so special anymore.

    Did you notice (pic 1) the bump on the tin? I still don't know - should it bother me 'cause the tin is damaged or does it actually make it even more realistic, hehe?!

  3. Btw - for a good movie double- and triple dipping is always worth it. :) Go for it if you really want it, it'll look splendid on your DVD shelf :)

  4. Yea I see the wee dent noo, It's a wonder they did not charge you extra for that, because as you say, it's more realistic. Naaaa! It' should not bother you, it looks better :-D

    In fact, if I do get this, I'm going to give it a whack and bash it up a bit just to copy yours :P

    The reason I don't like to double dip (tripple dip... EEEK!) There's the cash factor of course, but there's the space factor too. I don't want to have to go all Jaws by saying "We're going to need a bigger house"